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Use the Kin SDK for Android to enable the use of Kin in your app. Include only the functionality you need to provide the right experience to your users. Use just the base library to access the lightest-weight wrapper over the Kin cryptocurrency. The design library provides a set of basic UI elements to ensure the user experience offered to your users is consistent and high-quality. The spend library provides a flow for users to pay invoices with Kin. The base-compat library adds support for a pre-built wallet backup solution.

Library                              Support Path                     Description
base   /base The foundation library used by all other libraries in the system to support basic Kin operations:
  • Wallet creation and management
  • Send and receive Kin
  • Metrics interfaces
base-compat   /base-compat The :base-compat library now only contains the backup & restore flow retrofitted on top of base. If you're using an old version of base-compat please consider upgrading to base. If you want to support backup & restore, you must include base and base-compat.
design   /design Shared :design library components for creating consistent Kin user experiences. When creating a custom Kin experience, this library can be used to include standard UI components for displaying Kin prices, transactions, etc.
spend   /spend The :spend library provides an out of the box model UI for spending Kin within an Android application. Specificy what you're buying, your account, tap confirm. Success.

*Note: base-storage, base-viewmodel, & base-viewmodel-impl are internal dependencies to other libraries that are not meant to be directly consumed at this time.


buildscript {
    // ...
    ext {
        versions = [:]

        versions.kin = "2.1.2"
repositories {
    // ...
dependencies {
    // ...

    implementation "${versions.kin}"
    // Optional libraries, add as needed, see their respective READMEs for additional implementation details
    // implementation "${versions.kin}"
    // implementation "${versions.kin}"
    // implementation "${versions.kin}"

Demo App

The demo directory includes a demo application, showcasing a Kin wallet.

Design Showcase App

The design-showcase directory includes an application showcasing the UI widgets that are both: used in our full screen experiences, and also publicly available for all developers to use from the design library.


KDoc Documentation for all classes in all modules located here