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Kineme KinectTools

Kineme KinectTools is a Quartz Composer plugin that retrieves color and depth image data from the Xbox Kinect. It's based on libfreenect.

For more Quartz Composer plugins and compositions, plus community forums, go to

How to get it

Download or clone it from GitHub.

How to install it

  1. Install the QCPatch Xcode Template, a.k.a. Quartz Composer unofficial API, a.k.a. SkankySDK.
  2. Build KinectTools.xcodeproj. This will create the file ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/KinectTools.plugin.
  3. Restart Quartz Composer. The patches will show up under the Kineme KinectTools category.


Kineme KinectTools is released under the GPL 2 License.

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