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Full-Stack application built for carpools (Backend Code)
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Ocean Rideshare (HackThe6ix 2018)


My team and I were inspired to build a full-stack carpooling application that connected drivers and passengers. There have been many groups on Facebook groups used for carpooling, however many of them were not efficient. For instance, users had to manually scroll through postings to find a ride that met their needs. Moreover, postings were often disorganized, where drivers and riders post on the same page, making it difficult for both parties to search for what they need.


To tackle this issue, I worked on the backend of this project. I developed a RESTful API that updates a PostgreSQL database. This database allowed users to filter postings based on their requirements and also leave ratings for other users. To build the API, I leveraged Standard Library in Node.js and connected my PostgreSQL database from composeDB.

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