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Kinetica UDF Python API

This document describes how to use the Kinetica UDF Python API.

The source code for this project can be found at

UDF Reference Documentation

For information about UDFs in Kinetica, please see the User-Defined Functions section of the Kinetica documentation (

Installing the Kinetica UDF APIs for Python

Note that the UDF API must be installed on all of the machines in the Kinetica cluster if running UDFs in distributed mode, as each rank will run procs locally.

Installing Python Modules with

Kinetica provides pip preinstalled in our python environment and also a "" script which will automate running pip on all machines in the Kinetica cluster. It should be run as the gpudb user on the head node of the cluster and will ensure that any dependent modules are available on all machines. This method is preferred if you have internet connectivity and the module is available on PyPI. The following example demonstrates installing the "simplejson" module:

/opt/gpudb/udf/api/python/ install simplejson

Installing Python Modules Using easy_install

If you cannot use pip (because the package is not available on PyPI, or there is no internet connectivity, then you can use easy_install instead. In this instance, you can place the whell or tgz file into the /opt/gpudb/thirdparty folder on the head node and use the /opt/gpudb/core/bin/ command to copy just the one file to all hosts. Then use the /opt/gpudb/core/bin/ command combined with the /opt/gpudb/core/bin/ command to install the module.

# Assumes that you have already downloaded the python module to the head
# node of the cluster, and it is in the current folder and named
# 'python-module.tgz'
/opt/gpudb/core/bin/ python-module.tgz /tmp/python-module.tgz
/opt/gpudb/core/bin/ /opt/gpudb/core/bin/ easy_install /tmp/python-module.tgz

Using the UDF API without installing

If you do not wish to install the API, or do not have permission, you can add the UDF API to your PYTHONPATH by editing the /opt/gpudb/core/bin/ script on each machine in the Kinetica cluster. By default, the script will add a PYTHONPATH of /opt/gpudb/udf/thirdparty/lib/python2.7. You can place any dependencies there on the head node and run the script to copy it to all worker nodes. As a warning, this will replace the entire contents of that thirdparty directory with the contents on the head node, but it will also make a backup of the thirdparty folder and place it in the udf folder before overwriting.

Apache Arrow

The Kinetica Python UDF API supports Apache Arrow natively. A few examples that demonstrate using Apache Arrow with Kinetica are available: