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This is an experimental RabbitMQ plugin to provide SNMP statistics.
based off of:
1: Setup your rabbitmq build environment
$ hg clone
$ make co
2: Switch to the rabbitmq_v1_7_0 tag for rabbitmq-server(a dependency for rabbit_snmp)
$ cd rabbitmq-server
$ hg checkout -r rabbitmq_v1_7_0
3: Make the server
$ make
4: Build the rabbitmq_snmp_plugin
$ cd ../rabbitmq-snmp-plugin
$ make
5: Install the dist/rabbitmq-snmp.ez plugin into your server.
6: Add the following to you RabbitMQ configuration (usually /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.config):
% set the desired data update interval in milliseconds
{update_interval, 10000}
{snmp, [
{agent, [
% db_dir will be set by the snmp plugin before it starts snmp so leave this commented out
%{db_dir, ""},
{versions, [v1, v2]},
% dir will be added by the snmp plugin before it starts snmp, so dont add it to the config block below
{config, [{verbosity, silence}]},
{net_if, [{verbosity, silence}]}
{verbosity, silence}
Test instructions.
1: snmp walk
$ snmpwalk -v 1 -c public
The oids are named off the vhost/name combo so you can add/remove them without worrying about changing their indexes.
Brendan Doyle <>