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A high performace text editor for huge file and long line.

Hello WindEdit 🌹, hello world!

If you want a high performance SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell client, you can try WindTerm.


When developing WindTerm, I need a colored text component, so WindEdit was created as a by-product. Hope it is a good by-product.


Completely FREE for commercial and non-commercial use without limitations.

Source Code

Since WindEdit is just a by-product of WindTerm, and all the source code is shared with WindTerm, if you have any source code requirements, please visit WindTerm.

Please note that neither WindTerm nor WindEdit is a partial open source project.


See Intro Videos


cpp rfc


  • Support huge files upto TBytes.
  • Support huge files containing billions of lines of text.
  • Support very long lines upto GBytes.
  • Support vscode syntaxes. (Currently only support cpp, python, rfc, and more is coming)
  • Support vscode themes.
  • Configurable fold, pair, indent, outline, complete, mark and so on.
  • Snippet.
  • Word wrap.
  • Hex edit.
  • Column edit.
  • Multilines edit.
  • Search and replace in folders.
  • High performance.