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(in-package :6502)
(defconstant +relative-branch-size-byte+ 2)
(defconstant +max-byte+ 256)
(defparameter +absolute-modes+ '(absolute absolute-x absolute-y))
(defparameter +zero-page-modes+ '(zero-page zero-page-x zero-page-y))
(defgeneric asm (source &optional init-env org-start)
(:documentation "Assemble SOURCE into a bytevector and return it."))
(defmethod asm ((source list) &optional init-env org-start)
(assemble-code-block (list-to-instructions source) init-env org-start))
(defmethod asm ((source string) &optional init-env org-start)
(assemble-code-block (parse-code source) init-env org-start))
(defstruct instruction
"Represents a single line of code."
(label nil :type (or null string))
(opcode nil :type (or null symbol))
(address-mode nil :type (or null symbol list))
(value nil :type (or null u16 list string)))
(defun list-to-instructions (instructions)
"Given a list of assembly tuples, convert them to instructions."
(unless (listp (first instructions))
(setf instructions (list instructions)))
(loop for tuple in instructions collect (apply #'tuple-to-instruction tuple)))
(defun tuple-to-instruction (opcode &optional operand)
"Given an opcode and value, as symbols, convert them to an instruction."
(unless operand
(return-from tuple-to-instruction
(make-instruction :opcode opcode :address-mode 'implied)))
(let ((token (transform-sexp-syntax operand)))
(destructuring-bind (possible-modes value-start value-end)
(operand-possible-modes-and-value token)
(let ((stream (make-stream (coerce (subseq token value-start value-end)
'(vector character)))))
(make-instruction :opcode opcode :value (fetch-literal stream)
:address-mode possible-modes)))))
(defun transform-sexp-syntax (sexp-token)
"Given a SEXP-token using an indirect, *.x or *.y addressing mode, transform
it to use the classic string assembly syntax."
(substitute #\, #\. (cl-ppcre:regex-replace "\@([^.]*)(.*)?"
(string sexp-token) "($\\1)\\2")))
(defmacro resolve-byte (place env)
"Given a place and an environment, if that place is a function, call that
function with the environment and assign the result to the place."
(let ((byte-name (gensym)))
`(when (functionp ,place)
(let ((,byte-name (funcall ,place ,env)))
(setf ,place ,byte-name)))))
(defun assemble-code-block (code-block &optional init-env org-start)
"Given a list of instructions, assemble each to a byte vector."
(let ((env (or init-env (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(output (make-array 0 :fill-pointer 0 :adjustable t))
(pc-start (or org-start 0)))
; Build byte vector, without labels.
(loop for instruction in code-block
do (let ((bytes (assemble-instruction instruction
(+ pc-start (length output)) env)))
(loop for b in bytes
do (vector-push-extend b output))))
; Resolve labels in the byte vector.
(loop for i from 0 below (length output)
do (resolve-byte (aref output i) env))
(defun assemble-instruction (instruction pc env)
"Given an instruction, and the current program counter, fill the environment
with any labels and assemble instruction to a list of bytes."
(with-slots (opcode value label) instruction
(when label
(setf (gethash label env) pc))
(when opcode
(let ((mode (decide-address-mode instruction env)))
(list* (find-opcode opcode mode) (process-args value mode pc))))))
(defun find-opcode (opcode mode)
"Finds an opcode matching OPCODE and MODE, raising ILLEGAL-OPCODE otherwise."
(let ((match (position-if #'(lambda (e) (match-opcode-data e opcode mode))
(or match (error 'illegal-opcode :opcode (list opcode mode)))))
(defun process-args (value address-mode pc)
"Given the operand value, address-mode, and program counter, return a list of
assembled bytes, using delayed functions for labels or expressions."
(case address-mode
((absolute absolute-x absolute-y indirect)
(list (make-byte value pc :low) (make-byte value pc :high)))
((implied accumulator) nil)
(relative (list (make-byte value pc :relative)))
(otherwise (list (make-byte value pc :low)))))
(defun decide-address-mode (instruction env)
"Finds the desired address mode, matching what the opcode allows to what was
parsed from the operand's syntax."
(with-slots (opcode address-mode value) instruction
(let ((modes (if (listp address-mode) address-mode (list address-mode)))
(opcode-modes (get-opcode-address-modes opcode)))
(if (and (zero-page-address value env)
(intersection opcode-modes +zero-page-modes+))
(setf modes (set-difference modes +absolute-modes+))
(setf modes (set-difference modes +zero-page-modes+)))
(first (intersection modes opcode-modes)))))
(defun get-opcode-address-modes (opcode)
"Given an opcode, return the possible address modes for that operation."
(loop for e across *opcode-meta*
when (match-opcode-data e opcode :any) collect (fifth e)))
(defun match-opcode-data (data opcode &optional (address-mode :any))
"Returns whether the asm metadata matches the given opcode, and address-mode
if it is provided."
(and (eq (first data) (intern (symbol-name opcode) :6502))
(or (eq address-mode :any) (eq address-mode (fifth data)))))
(defun zero-page-address (addr env)
"Returns whether the address is a zero page access."
((numberp addr) (< addr +max-byte+))
((stringp addr)
(let ((addr (gethash addr env)))
(and (numberp addr) (< addr +max-byte+))))
((listp addr) nil)
(t (error "Invalid address" :argument addr))))
(defun make-byte (value pc type)
"Given an integer, return a single byte for the required type. Given a label,
return a delayed function to calculate the same, once labels are defined."
((stringp value)
(lambda (env)
(let ((addr (or (gethash value env)
(error "Undefined label" :argument value))))
(when (eq type :relative)
(setf addr (- addr pc +relative-branch-size-byte+)))
(make-byte addr pc type))))
((and (listp value) (eq (first value) '+))
(lambda (env)
(destructuring-bind (unused-plus operand-1 operand-2) value
(declare (ignore unused-plus))
(+ (make-and-resolve-byte operand-1 pc type env)
(make-and-resolve-byte operand-2 pc type env)))))
((numberp value)
(if (eq type :high) (floor (/ value +max-byte+)) (mod value +max-byte+)))
(t (error "Cannot make-byte" :argument value))))
(defun make-and-resolve-byte (operand pc type env)
"Given an operand, convert it to a byte, resolving any delayed functions."
(let ((value (make-byte operand pc type)))
(resolve-byte value env)