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(in-package :6502)
(defmacro with-disasm ((start end &key op) &body body)
"Loop from START to END, passing each instruction to OP and execute BODY.
OP is PRINT-INSTRUCTION by default. Within BODY, the return value of OP is
bound to RESULT and the length of the instruction in bytes is bound to STEP."
`(loop with index = ,start while (<= index ,end)
for (step result) = (disasm-ins index ,@(when op (list op)))
do (incf index step) ,@body))
(defun disasm (start end)
"Disassemble memory from START to END."
(with-disasm (start end)))
(defun disasm-to-list (start end)
"Disassemble a given region of memory into a sexp-based format."
(with-disasm (start end :op #'sexpify-instruction) collect result))
(defun disasm-to-str (start end)
"Call DISASM with the provided args and return its output as a string."
(with-output-to-string (*standard-output*) (disasm start end)))
(defun disasm-ins (index &optional (disasm-op #'print-instruction))
"Lookup the metadata for the instruction at INDEX and pass it to
DISASM-OP for formatting and display, returning the instruction length."
(destructuring-bind (name docs cycles bytes mode)
(aref *opcode-meta* (get-byte index))
(declare (ignore cycles))
(let ((code-block (coerce (get-range index (+ index bytes)) 'list)))
(list bytes (funcall disasm-op code-block index name docs mode)))))
(defun print-instruction (bytes index name docs mode)
"Format the instruction at INDEX and its operands for display."
(let ((byte-str (format nil "~{~2,'0x ~}" bytes))
(args-str (format nil "~A ~A" name (arg-formatter (rest bytes) mode))))
(format t "$~4,'0x ~9A ;; ~14A ~A~%" index byte-str args-str docs)))
(defun sexpify-instruction (bytes index name docs mode)
"Given BYTES and metadata, return a sexp-format representation of it."
(declare (ignore index docs))
(alexandria:if-let ((args (rest bytes))
(args-str (bytes-to-keyword-syntax bytes mode)))
(mapcar #'make-keyword (list name args-str))
(mapcar #'make-keyword (list name))))
(defun arg-formatter (arg mode)
"Given an instruction's ARG, format it for display using the MODE's WRITER."
(if (member mode '(absolute absolute-x absolute-y indirect))
(format nil (writer mode) (reverse arg))
(format nil (writer mode) arg)))
(defun bytes-to-keyword-syntax (bytes mode)
"Take BYTES and a MODE and return our assembly representation of the arguments."
(let ((result (arg-formatter (rest bytes) mode)))
(flet ((munge-indirect (str)
(cl-ppcre:regex-replace "\\(\\$(.*)\\)(.*)?" str "@\\1\\2")))
(cl-ppcre:regex-replace ", " (munge-indirect result) "."))))
(defun current-instruction (cpu &optional print-p)
"Return a list representing the current instruction. If PRINT-P is non-nil,
print the current address and instruction and return NIL."
(let ((fn (if print-p #'print-instruction #'sexpify-instruction)))
(second (disasm-ins (cpu-pc cpu) fn))))