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(in-package #:cl-echonest)
;; All queryparams should be utf-8 encoded.
(setf drakma:*drakma-default-external-format* :utf-8)
;; tell Drakma to handle JSON as strings
(pushnew '("application" . "json") drakma:*text-content-types*
:test (lambda (x y)
(and (equalp (car x) (car y))
(equalp (cdr x) (cdr y)))))
;;;; Echonest API Configuration
(defvar *api-version* "4"
"The supported echonest API version.")
(defvar *api-url*
(format nil "" *api-version*)
"The URL for echonest API calls.")
(defparameter *api-key* ""
"A valid echonest API key.")
;; non-commercial users should expect a rate limit of 120 calls per minute
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