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(in-package :cl-echonest)
(define-condition echonest-error (error)
((message :initarg :message :reader message))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
(format stream "~A" (message condition))))
(:documentation "The base condition for all errors in ROMREADER."))
(defvar *response-codes*
'((-1 . "Unknown Error")
(0 . "Success")
(1 . "Missing/ Invalid API Key")
(2 . "This API key is not allowed to call this method")
(3 . "Rate Limit Exceeded")
(4 . "Missing Parameter")
(5 . "Invalid Parameter"))
"A list of echonest response codes. Duh.
(defun response-message (respcode)
"Retrieve the message corresponding to the number RESPCODE."
(rest (nth (1+ respcode) *response-codes*)))