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Write tests!
More conditions/error handling. See below.
Ensure that error code 9 (bad session) is specially handled.
Ensure that error codes other than 9,11,16 do not result in re-sent scrobbles?
-- seems to suggest other errors indicate malformed requests.
Fix DNS reacquisition on suspend/resume network hop.
Add conditions/error-handling for:
-- get-api-keys, request-user-auth, lastfm-call, authorize-scrobbling
-- If an API call fails because we lack a valid session, kick off authorize!
Defcall can't support optional args.
-- Not a priority but a "nice to have" later.
At some point, we should support "switching users", i.e. auth a new session.
-- This can be done crudely now by just deleting the session file on disk and restarting.