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(in-package :clockwork)
(defparameter *clockwork-host* nil
"A string representing the domain that clockwork is a subdomain of.")
(defparameter *timers* (make-hash-table)
"A hash table that holds all scheduled timers keyed by their reminder's id.")
(defparameter *unschedule-closures* (make-hash-table :test #'equal)
"A hash table that holds closures which unschedule a reminder keyed by that reminder's hash.")
(defclass reminder ()
((id :reader reminder-id) ;; classes to be persisted with the Store API need an id slot
(emails :reader reminder-emails
:initarg :emails
:type list)
(title :reader reminder-title
:initarg :title
:type string)
(timestamp :reader reminder-timestamp
:initarg :timestamp
:type timestamp)
(message :reader reminder-message
:initarg :message
:initform ""
:type string)
(at :reader reminder-at
:initarg :at
:type timestamp)))
(defgeneric send-reminder (reminder &key delete-p)
(:documentation "Send the reminder. If delete-p is true, delete the reminder afterwards."))
(defmethod send-reminder ((reminder reminder) &key delete-p)
(send-email :to (reminder-emails reminder)
:subject (reminder-title reminder)
:style :plain
:body (reminder-message reminder))
(when delete-p
(delete-reminder (reminder-id reminder))))
(defun delete-reminder (id &key unschedule-p)
"Delete the reminder and its timer. If unschedule-p is true, unschedule the timer first."
(when unschedule-p
(trivial-timers:unschedule-timer (gethash id *timers*)))
(remhash id *timers*)
(delete-persistent-object-by-id *clockwork-store* 'reminder id))
(defgeneric schedule-reminder (reminder)
(:documentation "Schedule the reminder to be sent at the time the user requested."))
(defmethod schedule-reminder ((reminder reminder))
(let ((secs-until-reminder (round (timestamp-difference (reminder-at reminder) (now))))
(timer (make-timer (lambda () (send-reminder reminder :delete-p t))
:thread t
:name (reminder-id reminder))))
(setf (gethash (reminder-id reminder) *timers*) timer)
(schedule-timer timer secs-until-reminder)
(send-unschedule-message reminder)))
(defgeneric send-unschedule-message (reminder)
(:documentation "Create a link which unschedules the reminder and send an email
with that link to the owner of the reminder."))
(defmethod send-unschedule-message ((reminder reminder))
(let* ((link (make-unschedule-link reminder))
(email (first (reminder-emails reminder)))
(message-base "Your reminder has been scheduled.
If you would like to unschedule it, simply visit the following link: "))
(send-email :to email
:subject (format nil "Clockwork Reminder: ~A" (reminder-title reminder))
:style (if (sms-mail-p email) :plain :html)
:body (if (sms-mail-p email)
(format nil "~A~A" message-base link)
(cl-who:with-html-output-to-string (html)
(:p (cl-who:esc message-base)
(:a :href link "Unschedule Reminder") (:br) (:br)
(:i "Thanks for using clockwork!")))))))
(defun make-unschedule-link (reminder)
"Hash the reminder and create a link from the hash which will
unschedule the reminder. Store a closure to unschedule the reminder
in a map keyed by the hash. Return the link."
(check-type reminder reminder)
(let* ((hash (hash reminder))
(link (format nil "http://clockwork.~a/unschedule/~a" *clockwork-host* hash)))
(setf (gethash hash *unschedule-closures*)
(lambda ()
(delete-reminder (reminder-id reminder) :unschedule-p t)
(remhash hash *unschedule-closures*)
(redirect (format nil "http://clockwork.~a/" *clockwork-host*))
(display-overlay "Thank you for using Clockwork.")))
(defun hash (reminder)
"Creates a SHA-1 hash from a reminder's email(s), ID and a salt."
(check-type reminder reminder)
(let ((string-list (append (reminder-emails reminder)
`(,(format nil "~A" (reminder-id reminder)))
(hash-concat string-list)))
(defun recover-reminders ()
"A function to reschedule reminders after a reboot. Based on testing,
any that expired during the reboot will be sent when the schedule method is called.
Better late than never, right?"
(mapcar #'schedule-reminder (find-persistent-objects *clockwork-store* 'reminder)))