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  • Site-Breaking Change: A change that will break most config files or coleslaw installations. It is expected to effect all users but should require only minor user effort to resolve.
  • Incompatible Change: A change to Coleslaw's exported interface. Plugins or Themes that have not been upstreamed are effected and may require minor effort to fix.

Changes for 0.9.7 (2014-11-25):

  • New Plugin: Support for embedded gfycats has been added. See the plugin use docs for further details.
  • Enhancement: UTF-8 support has been made more portable and added to the Wordpress import plugin. (Thanks @cmstrickland!)
  • Enhancement: Filenames are now included in errors from the content loader. (via @PuercoPop)
  • Enhancement: Coleslaw now handles deploy-dir, repo, and staging-dir config options more gracefully. Previously, various errors could be encountered if directory options lacked a trailing slash.
  • Several portability fixes were made to CCL's encoding handling and usage in the post-receive script.
  • An initarg bug was fixed in the directory-does-not-exist condition.
  • Some namespacing bugs in the Static Pages plugin have been fixed.

Changes for 0.9.6 (2014-09-27):

  • SITE-BREAKING CHANGE: Coleslaw now defaults to a "basic" deploy instead of the previous symlinked, timestamped deploy strategy. To retain the previous behavior, add (versioned) to your config's :plugins list.
  • Incompatible Change: Custom themes will be broken by a change to URL handling. Previously, we were hand-constructing URLs in the templates. All site objects now store their URL in an instance slot. In general, hrefs should be of the form <a href="{$config.domain}/{$obj.url}"> ...</a>.
  • Incompatible Change: The interface of the add-injection function has changed. If you have written a plugin which uses add-injection you should update it to conform to the new interface.
  • New Plugin: Support for twitter summary cards on blog posts has been added thanks to @PuercoPop.
  • Docs: Improved README and Theming docs. New Config File docs.
  • Changes to :routing would previously break links in the templates but now work seamlessly due to the updated URL handling.
  • Loading content is more robust when empty lines or metadata are passed. Thanks to @PuercoPop for the bug report and preliminary fix.
  • The config :repo option is now deprecated as its value has become a required argument to coleslaw:main. The value passed to main will override the config value going forward.
  • Improved handling of directories and error-reporting when they don't exist is available thanks to @PuercoPop.
  • The templates are now HTML5 valid thanks to @Ferada.
  • Fixed a bug where RSS/Atom tag feeds were being published multiple times.

Changes for 0.9.5 (2014-06-13):

  • New Plugin: Incremental builds, cutting runtime for generating medium to large sites roughly in half!
  • New Plugin: A Twitter plugin to tweet about your new posts. Thanks to @PuercoPop!
  • Config options for the HTML lang and charset attributes. Thanks to @ryumei!
  • Coleslaw now exports a get-updated-files function which can be used to get a list of file-status/file-name pairs that were changed in the last git push. There is also an exported find-content-by-path function to retrieve content objects from the above file-name. These were used by both the Twitter and Incremental plugins.
  • The usual bugfixes, performance improvements, and documentation tweaks.

Changes for 0.9.4 (2014-05-05):

  • SITE-BREAKING CHANGE: Coleslaw now supports user-defined routing. Instead of hard-coding the paths various content types are stored at, they must be specified in the configuration file (.coleslawrc). Just copy the :routing key from the example to get the old behavior.
  • SITE-BREAKING CHANGE: Coleslaw's multi-site support has changed. Instead of having a single .coleslawrc in the user's home directory that has sections for multiple repos, a .coleslawrc may be included in the blog repo itself. If no .coleslawrc is found in the repo, it is loaded from the user's home directory instead.
  • Coleslaw no longer expects a particular repo layout. Use whatever directory hierarchy you like.
  • New Content Type Plugin: Static Pages, accepting a title, url, and optionally tags and a date. All files with a .page extension are compiled as static pages and reuse the POST template. To enable Static Pages, add (static-pages) to the :plugins section of your config.
  • Coleslaw now allows content without a date or tags. Note that POSTs without a date will still show up in the reverse chronological indexes at the very end.
  • Fixed an embarrassing escaping bug in our last quicklisp release.

Changes for 0.9.3 (2014-04-16):

  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: page-path and the blog config class are no longer exported.
  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: render-content has been renamed render-text for clarity.
  • New Docs: A Hacker's Guide to Coleslaw and Themes!
  • A new theme readable based on bootswatch readable, courtesy of @rmoritz!
  • Posts may have an author to support multi-user blogs courtesy of @tychoish.
  • Fixes to the ReStructuredText plugin courtesy of @tychoish.
  • UTF-8 fixes for config files and site content courtesy of @cl-ment.
  • Fix timestamps in the sitemap plugin courtesy of @woudshoo.

Changes for 0.9.2 (2013-05-11):

  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Renamed staging, deploy config options staging-dir, deploy-dir.
  • A plugin for Github Pages support. (thanks @mrordinaire!)
  • A new and improved implementation of tags. (thanks @woudshoo!)
  • A THEME-DOES-NOT-EXIST error is raised when the theme can't be found.

Changes for 0.9.1 (2013-04-10):

  • Added a PREVIEW function for REPL use.
  • Make ATOM and RSS templates a separate "generic" theme. (thanks @woudshoo!)
  • Fixed bug where repeatedly loading plugins caused them to appear in the page more than once. (thanks @woudshoo!)
  • Fixes to spacing in navigation and tagsoup. (thanks @woudshoo!)

Changes for 0.9 (2013-02-20):

  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: All :plugins in .coleslawrc must be lists. (i.e. (mathjax) not mathjax)
  • Add support for analytics via Google.
  • Add support for Restructured Text via cl-docutils.
  • Add support for deploying to Amazon S3.
  • Add a heroku plugin to ease hunchentoot deployments. (thanks @jsmpereira!)
  • Ensure coleslaw exits after MAIN. Fixes issue #13.
  • Greatly improved docs for the various plugins and plugin API.

Changes for 0.8 (2013-01-06):

Changes for 0.7 (2012-09-20):

  • Add commenting support via Disqus plugin.
  • Add formal plugin API with per-page predicate support. (aka "injections")
  • Note jsmpereira's coleslaw heroku package in README.
  • Support for RSS feeds of arbitrary tags, e.g. "lisp" posts.

Changes for 0.6.5 (2012-09-12):

  • Add support for ATOM feeds.
  • Add support for a sitenav in coleslawrc configs.
  • Template and rendering cleanup.
  • Miscellaneous deployment improvements.

Changes for 0.6 (2012-08-29):

  • Support Markdown in core rather than as a plugin.
  • Improve documentation + README.
  • Copious bugfixes and code cleanups.

Changes for 0.5 (2012-08-22):

  • Initial release.