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;;;; colorize.lisp
(in-package :colorize)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defparameter *coloring-types* nil)
(defparameter *version-token* (gensym)))
(defclass coloring-type ()
((default-mode :initarg :default-mode :accessor coloring-type-default-mode)
(transition-functions :initarg :transition-functions :accessor coloring-type-transition-functions)
(fancy-name :initarg :fancy-name :accessor coloring-type-fancy-name)
(term-formatter :initarg :term-formatter :accessor coloring-type-term-formatter)
(formatter-initial-values :initarg :formatter-initial-values :accessor coloring-type-formatter-initial-values :initform nil)
(formatter-after-hook :initarg :formatter-after-hook :accessor coloring-type-formatter-after-hook :initform (constantly ""))
(autodetect-function :initarg :autodetect-function :accessor coloring-type-autodetect-function
:initform (constantly nil))
(parent-type :initarg :parent-type :accessor coloring-type-parent-type
:initform nil)
(visible :initarg :visible :accessor coloring-type-visible
:initform t)))
(defun find-coloring-type (type)
(if (typep type 'coloring-type)
(cdr (assoc (symbol-name type) *coloring-types* :test #'string-equal :key #'symbol-name))))
(defun autodetect-coloring-type (name)
(find name *coloring-types*
:key #'cdr
:test #'(lambda (name type)
(and (coloring-type-visible type)
(funcall (coloring-type-autodetect-function type) name))))))
(defun coloring-types ()
"Return the supported coloring types as a list of dotted pairs of the form,
(:keyword . \"coloring-type\")."
(loop for type-pair in *coloring-types*
if (coloring-type-visible (cdr type-pair))
collect (cons (car type-pair)
(coloring-type-fancy-name (cdr type-pair)))))
(defun (setf find-coloring-type) (new-value type)
(if new-value
(let ((found (assoc type *coloring-types*)))
(if found
(setf (cdr found) new-value)
(setf *coloring-types*
(nconc *coloring-types*
(list (cons type new-value))))))
(setf *coloring-types* (remove type *coloring-types* :key #'car))))
(defvar *scan-calls* 0)
(defvar *reset-position* nil)
(defmacro with-gensyms ((&rest names) &body body)
`(let ,(mapcar #'(lambda (name)
(list name `(make-symbol ,(symbol-name name)))) names)
(defmacro with-scanning-functions (string-param position-place mode-place mode-wait-place &body body)
(with-gensyms (num items position not-preceded-by string item new-mode until advancing)
`(labels ((advance (,num)
(setf ,position-place (+ ,position-place ,num))
(peek-any (,items &key ,not-preceded-by)
(incf *scan-calls*)
(let* ((,items (if (stringp ,items)
(coerce ,items 'list) ,items))
(,not-preceded-by (if (characterp ,not-preceded-by)
(string ,not-preceded-by) ,not-preceded-by))
(,position ,position-place)
(,string ,string-param))
(let ((,item (and
(< ,position (length ,string))
(find ,string ,items
:test #'(lambda (,string ,item)
(format t "looking for ~S in ~S starting at ~S~%"
,item ,string ,position)
(if (characterp ,item)
(char= (elt ,string ,position)
(search ,item ,string :start2 ,position
:end2 (min (length ,string)
(+ ,position (length ,item))))))))))
(if (characterp ,item)
(setf ,item (string ,item)))
(if ,item
(if ,not-preceded-by
(if (>= (- ,position (length ,not-preceded-by)) 0)
(not (string= (subseq ,string
(- ,position (length ,not-preceded-by))
(and *reset-position*
(setf ,position-place *reset-position*))
(scan-any (,items &key ,not-preceded-by)
(let ((,item (peek-any ,items :not-preceded-by ,not-preceded-by)))
(and ,item (advance (length ,item)))))
(peek (,item &key ,not-preceded-by)
(peek-any (list ,item) :not-preceded-by ,not-preceded-by))
(scan (,item &key ,not-preceded-by)
(scan-any (list ,item) :not-preceded-by ,not-preceded-by)))
(macrolet ((set-mode (,new-mode &key ,until (,advancing t))
(list 'progn
(list 'setf ',mode-place ,new-mode)
(list 'setf ',mode-wait-place
(list 'lambda (list ',position)
(list 'let (list (list '*reset-position* ',position))
(list 'values ,until ,advancing)))))))
(defvar *formatter-local-variables*)
(defmacro define-coloring-type (name fancy-name &key default-mode transitions formatters
autodetect parent formatter-variables (formatter-after-hook '(constantly ""))
(with-gensyms (parent-type term type string current-mode position position-foobage mode-wait new-position advance)
`(let ((,parent-type (or (find-coloring-type ,parent)
(and ,parent
(error "No such coloring type: ~S" ,parent)))))
(setf (find-coloring-type ,name)
(make-instance 'coloring-type
:fancy-name ',fancy-name
:default-mode (or ',default-mode
(if ,parent-type (coloring-type-default-mode ,parent-type)))
,@(if autodetect
`(:autodetect-function ,autodetect))
:parent-type ,parent-type
:visible (not ,invisible)
:formatter-initial-values (lambda nil
(list* ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (e)
`(cons ',(car e) ,(second e)))
(if ,parent-type
(funcall (coloring-type-formatter-initial-values ,parent-type))
:formatter-after-hook (lambda nil
(symbol-macrolet ,(mapcar #'(lambda (e)
`(,(car e) (cdr (assoc ',(car e) *formatter-local-variables*))))
(concatenate 'string
(funcall ,formatter-after-hook)
(if ,parent-type
(funcall (coloring-type-formatter-after-hook ,parent-type))
(symbol-macrolet ,(mapcar #'(lambda (e)
`(,(car e) (cdr (assoc ',(car e) *formatter-local-variables*))))
(lambda (,term)
(labels ((call-parent-formatter (&optional (,type (car ,term))
(,string (cdr ,term)))
(if ,parent-type
(funcall (coloring-type-term-formatter ,parent-type)
(cons ,type ,string))))
(call-formatter (&optional (,type (car ,term))
(,string (cdr ,term)))
(case (first ,type)
(t (lambda (,type text)
(call-parent-formatter ,type text))))
,type ,string)))
,@(loop for transition in transitions
collect (destructuring-bind (mode &rest table) transition
`(cons ',mode
(lambda (,current-mode ,string ,position)
(let ((,mode-wait (constantly nil))
(,position-foobage ,position))
(with-scanning-functions ,string ,position-foobage
,current-mode ,mode-wait
(let ((*reset-position* ,position))
(cond ,@table))
(values ,position-foobage ,current-mode
(lambda (,new-position)
(setf ,position-foobage ,new-position)
(let ((,advance (nth-value 1 (funcall ,mode-wait ,position-foobage))))
(values ,position-foobage ,advance)))))
(defun full-transition-table (coloring-type-object)
(let ((parent (coloring-type-parent-type coloring-type-object)))
(if parent
(append (coloring-type-transition-functions coloring-type-object)
(full-transition-table parent))
(coloring-type-transition-functions coloring-type-object))))
(defun scan-string (coloring-type string)
(let* ((coloring-type-object (or (find-coloring-type coloring-type)
(error "No such coloring type: ~S" coloring-type)))
(transitions (full-transition-table coloring-type-object))
(result nil)
(low-bound 0)
(current-mode (coloring-type-default-mode coloring-type-object))
(mode-stack nil)
(current-wait (constantly nil))
(wait-stack nil)
(current-position 0)
(*scan-calls* 0))
(flet ((finish-current (new-position new-mode new-wait &key (extend t) push pop)
(let ((to (if extend new-position current-position)))
(if (> to low-bound)
(setf result (nconc result
(list (cons (cons current-mode mode-stack)
(subseq string low-bound
(setf low-bound to)
(when pop
(pop mode-stack)
(pop wait-stack))
(when push
(push current-mode mode-stack)
(push current-wait wait-stack))
(setf current-mode new-mode
current-position new-position
current-wait new-wait))))
(if (> current-position (length string))
(return-from scan-string
(format *trace-output* "Scan was called ~S times.~%"
(finish-current (length string) nil (constantly nil))
(loop for transition in
(mapcar #'cdr
(remove current-mode transitions
:key #'car
:test-not #'(lambda (a b)
(or (eql a b)
(if (listp b)
(member a b))))))
(and transition
(new-position new-mode new-wait)
(funcall transition current-mode string current-position)
(when (> new-position current-position)
(finish-current new-position new-mode new-wait :extend nil :push t)
return t)
(pos advance)
(funcall current-wait current-position)
(format t "current-wait returns ~S ~S (mode is ~S, pos is ~S)~%" pos advance current-mode current-position)
(and pos
(when (> pos current-position)
(finish-current (if advance
(car mode-stack)
(car wait-stack)
:extend advance
:pop t)
(incf current-position)))
(defun format-scan (coloring-type scan)
(let* ((coloring-type-object (or (find-coloring-type coloring-type)
(error "No such coloring type: ~S" coloring-type)))
(color-formatter (coloring-type-term-formatter coloring-type-object))
(*formatter-local-variables* (funcall (coloring-type-formatter-initial-values coloring-type-object))))
(format nil "<span class=\"~A\">~{~A~}~A</span>"
(mapcar color-formatter scan)
(funcall (coloring-type-formatter-after-hook coloring-type-object)))))
(defun html-colorization (coloring-type string &optional (encoder 'encode-for-pre))
"Given a COLORING-TYPE and STRING, return the colorized HTML."
(let* ((encoder-fn (find-symbol (princ-to-string encoder) :html-encode))
(parse-tree (loop for (meta . token) in (scan-string coloring-type string)
for encoded = (funcall encoder-fn token)
if (and (plusp (length encoded))
(char= (elt encoded (1- (length encoded))) #\>))
collect (cons meta (format nil "~A~%" encoded))
else collect (cons meta encoded))))
(format-scan coloring-type parse-tree)))
(defun colorize-file-to-stream (coloring-type input-file-name stream
&key (wrap t) (css-background "default")
(encoder 'encode-for-pre))
"Given a COLORING-TYPE, INPUT-FILE-NAME, and a STREAM to write to, output the
colorized code to the given STREAM. If WRAP is nil, write only the HTML for the
code snippet. To wrap in a <tt> element rather than <pre>, pass 'encode-for-tt
as the ENCODER."
(let* ((input-file (if (pathname-type (merge-pathnames input-file-name))
(merge-pathnames input-file-name)
(make-pathname :type "lisp"
:defaults (merge-pathnames input-file-name))))
(*css-background-class* css-background))
(with-open-file (s input-file :direction :input)
(let ((lines nil)
(string nil))
(block done
(loop (let ((line (read-line s nil nil)))
(if line
(push line lines)
(return-from done)))))
(setf string (format nil "~{~A~%~}"
(nreverse lines)))
(if wrap
(format stream
"<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN\" \"\">
<html><head><style type=\"text/css\">~A~%~A</style><body>
<table width=\"100%\"><tr><td class=\"~A\">
(make-background-css "white")
(html-colorization coloring-type string encoder))
(write-string (html-colorization coloring-type string encoder) stream))))))
(defun colorize-file (coloring-type input-file-name &optional output-file-name)
"Given a COLORING-TYPE (keyword) and an INPUT-FILE-NAME, write colorized code to
INPUT-FILE-NAME.html or OUTPUT-FILE-NAME, if provided."
(let* ((input-file (if (pathname-type (merge-pathnames input-file-name))
(merge-pathnames input-file-name)
(make-pathname :type "lisp"
:defaults (merge-pathnames input-file-name))))
(output-file (or output-file-name
(make-pathname :type "html"
:defaults input-file))))
(with-open-file (stream output-file :direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(colorize-file-to-stream coloring-type input-file-name stream))))