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Allow encoding with encode-for-tt. Resolves Issue #1.

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1 parent 6080311 commit 572afce000c53add8923b110ba243d112b6b36a2 @kingcons committed Nov 28, 2012
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  1. +15 −15 colorize.lisp
@@ -283,24 +283,24 @@
(mapcar color-formatter scan)
(funcall (coloring-type-formatter-after-hook coloring-type-object)))))
-(defun html-colorization (coloring-type string)
+(defun html-colorization (coloring-type string &optional (encoder 'encode-for-pre))
"Given a COLORING-TYPE and STRING, return the colorized HTML."
- (format-scan coloring-type
- (mapcar #'(lambda (p)
- (cons (car p)
- (let ((tt
- (html-encode:encode-for-pre (cdr p))))
- (if (and (> (length tt) 0)
- (char= (elt tt (1- (length tt))) #\>))
- (format nil "~A~%" tt) tt))))
- (scan-string coloring-type
- string))))
+ (let* ((encoder-fn (find-symbol (princ-to-string encoder) :html-colorize))
+ (parse-tree (loop for (meta . token) in (scan-string coloring-type string)
+ for encoded = (funcall encoder-fn token)
+ if (and (plusp (length encoded))
+ (char= (elt encoded (1- (length encoded))) #\>))
+ collect (cons meta (format nil "~A~%" encoded))
+ else collect (cons meta encoded))))
+ (format-scan coloring-type parse-tree)))
(defun colorize-file-to-stream (coloring-type input-file-name stream
- &key (wrap t) (css-background "default"))
+ &key (wrap t) (css-background "default")
+ (encoder 'encode-for-pre))
"Given a COLORING-TYPE, INPUT-FILE-NAME, and a STREAM to write to, output the
colorized code to the given STREAM. If WRAP is nil, write only the HTML for the
-code snippet."
+code snippet. To wrap in a <tt> element rather than <pre>, pass 'encode-for-tt
+as the ENCODER."
(let* ((input-file (if (pathname-type (merge-pathnames input-file-name))
(merge-pathnames input-file-name)
(make-pathname :type "lisp"
@@ -326,8 +326,8 @@ code snippet."
(make-background-css "white")
- (html-colorization coloring-type string))
- (write-string (html-colorization coloring-type string) stream))))))
+ (html-colorization coloring-type string encoder))
+ (write-string (html-colorization coloring-type string encoder) stream))))))
(defun colorize-file (coloring-type input-file-name &optional output-file-name)
"Given a COLORING-TYPE (keyword) and an INPUT-FILE-NAME, write colorized code to

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