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A debugging queue handler for Lita.
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A queue for tracking users who need debugging help with per-channel management.


Add lita-debug-queue to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-debug-queue"


lita-debug-queue expects four things to be present for correct operation:

  1. An :instructors authorization group containing admin users. If you want TAs to also be able to modify (but not clear) the queue you should add them to an :assistants group. The Slack admin can message Ironbot to add users to an authorization group as follows: auth add instructors. Note that the Slack admin IDs should be set in the lita_config.rb file for your bot. You can look up a users Id with users find

  2. A debug_queue.classrooms config option containing a Hash that maps instructor mention nam es to classroom channels.

  3. A debug_queue.schedule config option containing a Hash that maps from days of the week (as from"%a")), to ranges of hours in the server's time zone.

  4. A debug_api.passphrase config option which is just a static string. A way to disable the API will be available in a future release.


General Commands

  • debug me - Put your name in the queue for debugging help.
  • debug nvm - Remove your name from the queue for debugging help.
  • debug queue - Show the current queue for your class.
  • debug count - Count the number of people waiting for help.

Instructor Commands

  • debug next - Notify the next student to be helped.
  • debug drop NAME - Remove the student with NAME from the queue.
  • debug clear - Empty the queue.


Better docs coming soon. ... Ish.

General Conventions

AUTH: Every request to the API must include a Query Param ?passphrase=FOO. Check with your local debug queue admin.``

In the event that an invalid room is supplied or incorrect authorization is provided, a JSON object containing an error key will be returned. All correct API requests will result in a response with queue and message keys.

Retrieve the Queue for a Class

GET /api/:classroom/queue

Pop the Next Debugee

PUT /api/:classroom/queue

Drop a specific Debugee

DELETE /api/:classroom/drop

PARAMS: Drop requires a student query param with the mention name of the student to be removed from the queue.

Clear the Queue

DELETE /api/:classroom/clear

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