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Make sure you have an up to date installation of npm with brew update followed by either brew install npm or brew upgrade npm.

Then use npm to install the following apps with npm install -g $APP_NAME

  • gulp-cli
  • surge

Finally, I would strongly encourage you to install the newapp script from here.


If you are using the newapp tool

NOTE: If you do not use a lowercased project/folder name, the automatic deploy to surge with npm run deploy will fail as surge.sh always expects lowercased names.

  1. Run $ newapp template <project name>
  2. Change in to your new project
  3. Initialize Git $ git init
  4. Build

If you are NOT using the newapp tool

  1. Clone down this repo
  2. Rename and change into the project folder
  3. Remove git from it $ rm -rf .git
  4. Initialize Git $ git init
  5. Install the dependencies $ npm install
  6. Build


This template features a couple different tools. First it utalizes both NPM and Gulp for different tasks.

Gulp Tasks

All tasks are listed below, but ideally you will just need to run gulp start and be done with it.

  • gulp start: This is the primary task that will fire up the server and allow you to start building
  • gulp server: This will start a Browsersync server with live-reload
  • gulp sass: This will compile your SASS
  • gulp browserify: This will transpile your JS from ES6 to ES5
  • gulp watch: This will start a watcher for files

NPM Scripts

  • npm run test: This will launch Mocha in your terminal and run any tests
  • npm run deploy: This will deploy your application to Surge.sh for you
  • npm run lint: This will run ESLint on your /src/js folder