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* Fix an AUR update bug.
-- Reported by jbigler
* New config options *save-packages* and *save-packages-only*
Set *save-packages* to a directory to have Paktahn save
packages it installs there.
-- Requested by gbursson
* Refine provider handling. (Leslie)
-- Reported by tukan
* Support pacman 4/libalpm 7. (Issue #63, Leslie)
* Support pkgspecs of the form "foo=". (Issue #62, Leslie)
* Support AUR packages as providers. (Trevis)
-- Reported by donbex
* Don't require password/sudo for -Q operations. (Issue #53, Trevis)
-- Reported by GSF1200S
* Honor ignorepkg line in /etc/pacman.conf for AUR packages. (Issue #55)
-- Reported by GSF1200S
* Add --skipinteg restart in case of makepkg checksum failure. (Issue #56)
-- Reported by gour
* Add support for makepkg alternatives (i.e. unipkg)
* Add support for -Syu (without the --aur)
* Add Support for pacman 3.5 and libaplm 3.6 (Issue #45 etc.)
* Lots of caching bugfixes
* Fail gracefully when AUR dependencies cannot be found (Issue #49)
* Add support for all -Q* and -D* (query and database) combinations.
They will be passed directly to pacman. Also add support for -R*
combinations like -Rcuns. Previously we only supported plain -R.
* pak -V now also displays the pacman version.
* Binary deps for AUR packags are now installed all at once.
Formerly they resulted in multiple calls to pacman for each package.
* update local cache as we install packages
* Add pak -Syu --aur, -Sy and -Su. These simply call out to pacman
and (in the case of -Syu --aur) perform additional paktahn work.
* Add pak -V for paktahn version. (Issue #37)
* Ignore versioning for packages whose names end with -git, -svn,
-hg, -darcs, -bzr or -cvs. (Issue #34, reported by gour)
* Ensure that requests to install a nonexisting package via
pak -S properly inform the user that no such package was
found and offer restarts. (Issue #38)
* Ensure there is always a default when the user is prompted to
continue building a package. Letter representing default is
capitalized as before. (Issues #33 and #36)
* Prompt to install binary package dependencies first when
building AUR packages.
* Always allow users to edit the PKGBUILD. (reported by jiyunatori)
* Handle name resolution failures as well as socket errors.
* Add pak -Ss which behaves identically to pacman -Ss.
* Ensure implicit pacman/makepkg deps are installed before running
* pak -Su --aur now handles deleted or missing packages rather than exiting
* paktahn will never prompt to reinstall up-to-date dependencies
* pak -G for core/extra/community packages fetches from svn/trunk
instead of svn/$arch/pkg-name (#19, reported by wh5a [Wei Hu])
* pak -G now downloads tarballs into /tmp/ and offers restart options
to overwrite or resume if the tarball exists (#25)
* Support for AUR updates with paktahn -Su --aur
* Added .tar.xz support (#24, reported by slint)
* AUR packages that need to be installed as dependencies are
handled correctly (#22, thanks to Justin Caratzas)
* User can choose paktahn's directory (#20)
* Customizepkg support now works with non-AUR packages (#14)
* Version comparison no longer fails on provider packages (#8)
* Reinstallation works properly again (#7)
* Trying to install or get pkgbuilds for non-existent packages is
handled correctly (#5 and #6)
* Question the user in case of malformed pkgbuild dependencies (#12)
* Proxy support works correctly now (#15, reported by nitralime)
* update cache after package removal (proposed by Ralith)
* handle non-Unicode strings more gracefully (#9, reported by zajca)
* more restarts after failed AUR package installation ("pacman -U" step)
* fixed arch=(any) case (reported by magus)
* proper error reporting and restarts when AUR results cannot be
fetched (Brit)
* Paktahn now remembers which PKGBUILD files it already presented
for review (Brit)
* Paktahn now has proper customizepkg support for AUR packages and
will automatically build packages with customizepkg definitions
from source (Brit)
* Paktahn now has support for just getting a pkgbuild (i.e. yaourt -G)
with pak -G pkgnames (Brit)
* makepkg's PKGDEST variable is detected and used correctly
(reported by Stefan Husmann)
* AUR package dependencies are no longer installed explicitly
(reported by bram85)
* Basic proxy support (no authentication) (Brit)
* Basic versioning support (Wei Hu, Leslie)
* fixed x86_64 package building/installation
* fixed case when $EDITOR also had args in it (e.g. "emacsclient -l")
* package removal support
* support for provider packages
* support for reinstallation of packages
* throw an error when the user attempts to build an AUR package as root
* ask the user whether he wants to add his arch if it's
not listed in the PKGBUILD.
* fixed --help and -h arguments (reported by Ralith)
* Initial release.