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When coercing a pathname, don't clobber an explicit name.

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1 parent 80e0d63 commit 6fb7e91ee6c9990b1148296770b6c43371ea5165 @xach xach committed Feb 4, 2012
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5 quickproject.lisp
@@ -69,14 +69,15 @@ not already exist."
(defun make-project (pathname &key
- (name (pathname-project-name pathname)))
+ (name (pathname-project-name pathname) name-provided-p))
"Create a project skeleton for NAME in PATHNAME. If DEPENDS-ON is provided,
it is used as the asdf defsystem depends-on list."
(when (pathname-name pathname)
(warn "Coercing ~S to directory"
(setf pathname (cl-fad:pathname-as-directory pathname))
- (setf name (pathname-project-name pathname)))
+ (unless name-provided-p
+ (setf name (pathname-project-name pathname))))
(labels ((relative (file)
(merge-pathnames file pathname))
(nametype (type)

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