Ansible Playbooks and Salt States
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Ansible Playbooks and Salt States

So named for the Melee/FGC concept of a salty runback where after losing a game, you demand a rematch on the same stage.


You'll need to describe your servers in a hosts file.

The primary playbook cons.yml was designed with Debian Jessie servers in mind and will require tweaking to run elsewhere.

The secondary playbook metaobject.yml is designed to build a Debian Jessie based development setup specific to the whims of yours truly.

Both playbooks expect a deploy user present with pubkey login and passwordless sudo privs. You can create such a user on a new machine by running the following commands as root:

useradd deploy && passwd deploy && mkdir -p ~deploy/.ssh
chmod 700 ~deploy/.ssh && touch ~deploy/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 400 ~deploy/.ssh/authorized_keys && chown deploy:deploy -R ~deploy
echo 'deploy ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL' > /etc/sudoers.d/deploy

Finally, add your SSH public key to the deploy user's authorized_keys file.

You'll need to edit vars/cons.yml or vars/metaobject.yml to customize things appropriately for your needs or even keep sensitive data in an uncommitted/gitignored vars/private.yml file.

Run with ansible-playbook -vv -i ./hosts foo.yml optionally adding --tags TAG. The tags for each playbook are described in READMEs in their respective directories.