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A music player based on search and tagging, with a terminal UI, for Linux, written in Common Lisp.
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Shuffletron is a Common Lisp music player with support for mp3, ogg, and flac files. It is primarily developed on Linux but should work trivially on Mac if an appropriate Lisp implementation is installed (i.e. CCL) as well as packages for libao and mpg123. These packages are trivially installable through rudix. ogg and flac support is not yet available for mac. Scrobbling support is also available through cl-scrobbler.


You could git clone this library and make sure it's path on your computer is on your asdf:*central-registry* but I strongly recommend that you instead use Zach Beane's positively delightful quicklisp.

  • Using quicklisp: Just start your lisp and run "(progn (ql:quickload :shuffletron) (shuffletron:run))"
  • If you want it to be a program, just alias it or create a shell script that runs '$lisp --eval ...' where ... is the above line.

Getting Started

  • Install shuffletron.
  • Give it a path to your music library so your files can be indexed.
  • Type "help" and "help commands" to get more info on how to use shuffletron.
  • Are you a lisper? You can swank in with "swankme" or just use "eval expr".
  • Shuffletron also knows any line that begins with ( is an expression to be evaluated.
  • The original author, ahefner's, shuffletron homepage is here.


That's pretty much it. Once it's installed just give it the path to your files, start it and use it. Let us know what features you'd like to see or hack them yourself. It's a pretty pleasant interactive environment. For an example of me fixing a bug with stream cleanup and song queues while the player ran see

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