Student submissions for the WWDC 2018 Scholarship
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WWDC 2018 Scholarship Submissions

List of student submissions for the WWDC 2018 scholarship. To add your own below, just edit this file and submit a pull request! Please read the PLEASE READ section before submitting.

Name Source Videos Technologies Status
Adrian Labbé GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Adrián Rubio GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit Submitted
Anıl Gürses UIKit, PlaygroundSupport, AVFoundation Submitted
Antonio Zaitoun GitHub UIKit, SceneKit, CoreGraphics,CoreAnimation Submitted
Christian Schnorr GitHub CoreGraphics & CoreText Submitted
Dalton Prescott GitHub video processing on youtube UIKit, SceneKit, CoreML, AVFoundation Submitted
Dowland Aiello GitHub YouTube AppKit, SpriteKit, Foundation, PlaygroundSupport Submitted
Eliott Hauteclair AVFoundation, UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Submitted
Ferdinand Loesch AV foundation, CIDetector, SpriteKit, Cocoa
Gautham Elango GitHub UIKit, Playground Support Submitted
Hugo Lundin UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Igor Rinkovec GitHub YouTube SceneKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Jari Koopman GitHub UIKit, Playground Support, GameplayKit
Javier de Martín GitHub UIKit, SceneKit & ARKit Submitted
Jonathon Derr None Yet Youtube SpriteKit, Appkit Submitted
Jordan Osterberg GitHub SpriteKit, SceneKit, ARKit, PlaygroundBooks, Accessibility Submitted
Julian S GitHub YouTube AppKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Kuixi Song GitHub YouTube SceneKit, ARKit, AudioToolBox, PlaygroundSupport Submitted
Kyle Spadaro GitHub AVFoundation, GameplayKit, SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Lalo Martnez GitHub YouTube AudioToolbox, AVFoundation, MIDI, SpriteKit Submitted
Marko Crnković GitHub YouTube Accelerate, AVFoundation, SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport Submitted
Mehul Mohan GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation
Ming Mai GitHub ARKit, CoreML, PlaugroundBooks, SceneKit, Vision Submitted
Nicholas Grana GitHub YouTube ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport Submitted
Omar Albeik GitHub YouTube UIKit, Playground Support, CoreML, Keras Submitted
Qingyang Hu SceneKit, SpriteKit, ARKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Răzvan Geangu GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Ryan Klohr GameKit, AVFoundation, SpriteKit Submitted
Samay Shamdasani GitHub YouTube SceneKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics, UIKit, AVFoundation, Vision Submitted
Sanjay Soni GameKit, GameplayKit, SpriteKit, UIKit
Sophia Kalanovska GitHub XCPlayground, UIKit, PlaygroundSupport ,GameplayKit and AVFoundation Submitted
Weiran Du UIKit, CoreGraphics, PlaygroundSupport Submitted
Yichen Cao GitHub UIKit, CoreML Submitted
Yongkang Chen GitHub YouTube UIKit, QuartzCore, CoreGraphics, Dispatch, Foundation
Zach Knox Github YouTube SpriteKit Submitted
Zach Simone GitHub UIKit Submitted
Zhang Bozheng SpriteKit, AVFoundation, Playground Support