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Automatic Audio Cataloguing Tool

University Summer Project

Code repository for my university summer project Automatic Tools for Populating Graph Representations of Multimedia Catalogues. Very much a research project, the code takes an audio file like this: audio image

...automatically generates labels like this: labels image

...and automatically populates a graph database like this: database image


  • OrientDB database backend, preconfigured for FRBR-inspired audio ontology (restore from the backup .zip available here)
  • LIUM toolbox (packaged .jar version)
  • Python 2.7
  • Packages as listed in requirements.txt

The code for this project has been specifically designed for use with the Scottish Music Centre's naming conventions, but will mostly work regardless of file naming protocol.

This project was undertaken as part fulfillment for my masters degree MSc Software Developmet from University of Glasgow during summer 2017. The project was supervised by Dr. Bjørn Sand Jensen and was supported by the Scottish Music Centre by way of use of their digital archive.

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