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David Xie
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import web
from web import form
__all__ = [
'commentForm', 'linkForm', 'entryForm', 'pageForm',
username_validate = form.regexp(r".{3,15}$", u"请输入3-15位的用户名")
email_validate = form.regexp(r".*@.*", u"请输入合法的Email地址")
urlValidator = form.regexp(r"http://.*", u"请输入合法的URL地址")
captchaValidator = form.Validator('Captcha Code',
lambda x: x == web.ctx.session.captcha)
commentForm = form.Form(
form.Textbox('username', form.notnull, username_validate),
form.Textbox('email', form.notnull, email_validate),
form.Textbox('captcha', captchaValidator,
description="Captcha Code"),
form.Textarea('comment', form.notnull),
form.Textbox('captcha', captchaValidator),
form.Button('submit', type="submit", description=u"留言"),
linkForm = form.Form(
form.Textbox('name', form.notnull),
form.Textbox('url', form.notnull, urlValidator),
form.Textbox('description', form.notnull)
entryForm = form.Form(
form.Textbox('title', form.notnull),
form.Textbox('content', form.notnull),
form.Textbox('slug', form.notnull),
pageForm = form.Form(
form.Textbox('title', form.notnull),
form.Textbox('slug', form.notnull),
form.Textbox('content', form.notnull),
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