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This repo holds the blog and personal web app for Emeruche Cole.

To make changes, or use in your local machine:

  • Fork the repo
  • Clone into your machine
  • cd into the folder and run gatsby develop.
  • Make changes if you wish and make a PR. Changes may be in styles, changes to example code blocks in the blog posts, or to add you suggestion. If change includes adding your suggestion to a topic, kindly use a third person pronouns (he, she, them). Example: "An observation made by <YOUR_TWITTER_USERNAME> shows that so so and so..." This is so as not to change the tone of the articles.

If you'd like to write on this blog, please follow the file structures: create a folder and use the title of your article as the folder name, create an file within it and a featured-image.jpg file. The featured image preferably should be an abstract image that doesn't outrightly depict the title of the blog. Also, pictures should be of high quality from Unsplash Please this repo includes blog posts in Markdown files that have not been published. Do not set any post to published (in frontmatter).

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