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luajit io framework
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Pure Lua IO framework, with C efficiency due to its simple but powerful design, and, of course, thanks to luajit, the perfect JIT engine. The HTTP Server is out-of-the-box, which simulates the functionalities and performance of nginx and ngx_lua. Moreover, it could be used to develop generic TCP/UDP server.

Why reinvent the wheel? Well, the nginx and ngx_lua is renowned at efficiency and extensible, but they are written in C language, so you need to be as smart as the authors to contribute codes. What if the core is written in pure lua language, but without any efficiency tradeoff? Then not only the web apps are extensible, but also the server core is extensible at ease by any levels of developers!

The Luajit is a perfect JIT engine to improve lua performance, so with dedicated and luajit-oriented design, the would reassemble the advantages of nginx and ngx_lua, but provides extra benefit: simple and extensible at the core.

See the for demo.

API compatible with ngx_lua (Work In Progress)

It provides seamless ngx_lua API, so third-party openresty libraries could be used in without porting.

Tested libraries:

  • lua-resty-lock
  • lua-resty-upload
  • lua-resty-http
  • lua-resty-dns
  • lua-resty-redis
  • lua-resty-mysql
  • lua-resty-postgres

Supported Platforms

Only supports Linux on x86 or x64.

The uses linux-specific features, e.g. epoll, signalfd, timerfd, inotify, etc.


  • openssl
  • zlib
  • pcre

On Debian Linux, you should install the dev packages of them, which contains the required *.so links:

apt-get install zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libpcre3-dev


This library is considered experimental and still under active development.

And there is still big room to improve the performance, by increasing the jit compiled ratio, which is really a tough job.

Welcome to join and help!


http server

Just like the API compatibility, the configuration simulates the nginx.conf, so most directives are copied from there. See conf/httpd.lua for example.

Copy the example into new file, e.g. conf/myhttpd.lua, and adjust the content according to your need.

Then just run it:

luajit conf/myhttpd.lua

generic tcp server

It contains a simple socks5 server, as the generic tcp server demo.

LD_PRELOAD=/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ luajit conf/socks5.lua

Note that by default, the luajit is not compiled with -lpthread, which would cause multi-threading usage crash.

See for detail.

The async DNS resolving uses multi-threading, so either re-compile the luajit or use LD_PRELOAD before running it.

You should locate the correct version of on your box.

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