Some C# helpers for server side handlebars compilation (Ember centric)
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HandlebarsHelper will ultimately help you inject your handlebars files into your ASP.Net application.


Use Nuget to install, either search for HandlebarsHelper in the Package Manager UI or from the console Install-Package HandlebarsHelper.

Quick Start Guide

The most common use case is you'd like to bundle precompiled/minified EmberJS Handlebar templates.

In the BundleConfig

For more information on Bundling, visit

public class BundleConfig
  public static void RegisterBundles(BundleCollection bundles)

    //other bundles
    // ~/bundles/templates is the bundle name
    // ~/Scripts/templates is the virtual path to your template files
    bundles.Add(new Bundle("~/bundles/templates", new HandlebarsTransformer())
           .IncludeDirectory("~/Scripts/templates", "*.hbs", true)

    BundleTable.EnableOptimizations = true;

In your view

// this should be after the Ember framework


Debug Mode

This use case is you want the templates injected into the page, but not precompiled/minified/bundled, just inject em

In your view (Razor)

using HandlebarsHelper;
// this should be after the Ember framework
// "~/scripts/templates" is the virtual path to the templates
//  new[] { "*.hbs" } is the filter extension array (add as many as you want)
@HandlebarsHelper.RawTemplateInjector.InjectRawTemplates("~/scripts/templates", new[] { "*.hbs" })


Template naming

Template naming is an area of controversy, I have my opinion, you have yours, and mine is right ;)

How I name the files

There are a few different scenarions that render differently

Path from included directory File name Template name Scenario
/ apple.hbs apple file in the root
/blah/ blah.hbs blah file in folder and matches the folder name(exact match)
/blah/ cow.hbs blah/cow file in folder, and doesn't match the folder name
/dog/ Dog.hbs dog/Dog file in folder, and doesn't match the folder name
/dog/ elephant.hbs dog/elephant file in folder, and doesn't match the folder name

You hate how I implemented the naming, cause you like how you did it, despite being wrong

That's cool, The HandlebarsTransformer and RawTemplateInjector take an optional parameter which allow you to define a class that names your templates!

Create a new class and implement the ITemplateNamer interface

public interface ITemplateNamer
  string GenerateName(string bundleRelativePath, string fileName);

What is passed in? If you look up above, at the table, column 1 and 2, that's it. The template's relative path and the template's file name.

Example custom namer:

public class CustomTemplateNamer : ITemplateNamer
  public string GenerateName(string bundleRelativePath, string fileName)
    var fileNameNoExtension = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fileName);
    return "moooooooooooo" + fileNameNoExtension;
Bundled: In your BundleConfig
bundles.Add(new Bundle("~/bundles/templates", new HandlebarsTransformer(new CustomTemplateNamer()))
       .IncludeDirectory("~/Scripts/templates", "*.hbs", true)
Raw: In your View
                                                           new[] { "*.hbs" }, 
                                                           new CustomTemplateNamer());

Report all issues, feel free to submit PRs, clean up the code, make the readme more coherent, stylize my example page.

Another example can be found here:

For HTMLBars see