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Slushie (Work in progress)

Literally an entire* Gulp pipeline for free installed via npm. Just add water!

*(just Sass for now---more coming super soon!)

You can read the article here:

Slushie currently comes with the following Sass gulp tasks:

  • Development
    • Linting
    • Sourcemaps
    • Autoprefixing
    • Watch
  • Production
    • Linting
    • Autoprefixing
    • Optimisation (Sorting, removing duplicates etc.)
    • Minification

You'll get them all for free just by installing via npm! Magic!


Ensure you have gulp installed.

npm install -g gulp

Then install Slushie in your project using the following command:

npm install slushie --save-dev

Create a gulpfile.js in your project with the following:

var slushie = require('slushie');

var water = {}; // this is your config object



var water = {
  sass_development: {
    destination: './new_destination'



This should work out of the box thanks to the carefully considered defaults set. However, if you do want to override any of the presets, take a look at the default settings in default.js and override as necessary in the config object in your newly created gulpfile.

Main gulp tasks available

Commands Meaning
gulp alias for gulp watch
gulp watch Sets up a Sass watch task to lint, and recompile the files in dev/fast mode (uncompressed, unoptimised) on change for development.
gulp sass:lint Lints the Sass files and reports any errors.
gulp build:production Builds the Sass ready for production. Sass files are fully optimised, and minified. Calls sass:production and other (coming soon) tasks in sequence internally.


Slushie, the pre-packaged gulp pipeline that just works.




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