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Customisation of Archetype framework for Hieroglyphic Hands research project
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Customisation of Archetype framework for Hieroglyphic Hands research project

Pre requisites

  • linux environment (ubuntu/debian)
  • python2, with pip and virtualenv
  • postgresql 9+
  • git
  • nodejs > npm > lessc, typescript

Local deployment

pull code

cd AROOT # AROOT is the root path where you'll install archetype
git clone -b develop digipal_github
git clone

project folders

cd hierohands-archetype
ln -s ../digipal_github/digipal
ln -s ../digipal_github/digipal_text
ln -s ../digipal_github/build

pythonvirtual environment

python2 -m virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install -r hierohands-archetype/build/requirements.txt


sudo su postgres
create user app_hierohands with password 'XXX';
createdb -E 'utf-8' -T template0 -O app_hierohands app_hierohands_lcl

and modify accordingly

Settings files

hierohands/ SHOULD NOT be part of github repo, it is reserved for any sensitive information like database connections, address to image server, etc. and for anything specific to a particular instance of your site.

hierohands/ contains your project customisations, anything which is not sensitive and is shared between all instances (local, development, staging, live) of the projects.

hierohands/ leave this as it is

digipal/ leave this as it is; it contains the fully generic / default settings for any digipal instance

minimal DB setup

./ migrate ./ createsuperuser

run server

./ runserver 0:8001

browse your site

open browser as http://localhost:8001/

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