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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<application xmlns=""
<doc>A describe of the REST provided by</doc>
<resources base="">
<resource path="{apikey}">
<param name="apikey" style="template">
<doc>This is the API key used to control access to the server,
you can get an API key from</doc>
<resource path="{latitude},{longitude}">
<param href="#latitude" />
<param href="#longitude" />
<method href="#getReport"/>
<resource path="{latitude},{longitude},{time}">
<param href="#latitude" />
<param href="#longitude" />
<param name="time" style="template" type="xs:nonNegativeInteger" required="true">
<doc>The date of the weather forecast expressed in Unix time in seconds</doc>
<method href="#getReport"/>
<param id="latitude" name="latitude" style="template" type="xs:decimal" required="true">
<doc>The latitude of the weather report request</doc>
<param id="longitude" name="longitude" style="template" type="xs:decimal" required="true">
<doc>The longitude of the weather report request</doc>
<method name="GET" id="getReport">
<param name="callback" style="query" type="xs:string" required="false">
<doc>The callback for the purposes of JSONP</doc>
<param name="units" style="query" type="xs:string" required="false" default="us">
<doc>The units to be used to render the weather data</doc>
<option value="us"><doc>Default using US Imperial units</doc></option>
<option value="si"><doc>SI units</doc></option>
<option value="ca"><doc>Identical to si, except windSpeed is in kph</doc></option>
<option value="uk"><doc>Identical to si, except windSpeed is in mph</doc></option>
<option value="auto"><doc>Selected based on geo-location</doc></option>
<param name="exclude" style="query" type="xs:string" required="false">
<doc>A comma delimeted list, of any of the following" currently, minutely, hourly, daily, alerts, flags</doc>
<response status="200">
<representation mediaType="application/json" json:describedby="forecast.json">