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About Geocomputation

The Geocomputation and Spatial Analysis (GSA) theme within King’s College London undergraduate Geography degree builds on a step-change in our ability to work with large geographical data sets. The design of the GSA theme is informed by the dearth of geographers able to think computationally using programming, data analysis and data manipulation skills. There is a severe skills shortage in this domain across all sectors: non-profit, government, corporate, and academic.

GSA is one of the first offerings in the UK to link technical competency in computation and spatial analysis to broader issues in geographic understanding of society, space and the environment. Our objective is to enable students to access, understand, utilise, visualise and communicate data in a geographical context. GSA is not about pushing buttons, but about using logic, programming, and analytical skills to tackle complex real-world problems in a creative, reproducible, and open manner. Modules take students from the foundations of computer programming to applied issues in (geo)data analysis providing highly employable skills in programming, statistics, and visualisation (including GIS).

Installing & Using this Repository

The lessons provided here rely on your having installed either:

  1. Docker Desktop and the GSA Docker container
  2. Anaconda Python and the supporting packages specified in the relevant YAML file (full or simplified).

Detailed installation instructions are provided for both of these are detailed further in our 'GSA Environment' repository.


Geocomputation module used in Geography BA/BSc at King's College London



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