WordPress Child Theme for Thesis Framework Used for 64notes.com (2011 AD)
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#64n0511 Child Theme for Thesis

This is limited version of design I made for my blog http://64notes.com.

##Requirements WordPress: http://www.wordpress.org or https://github.com/wordpress/wordpress

Thesis Theme Framework for WordPress: http://www.64notes.com/thesis

##How to Use

  • Install Thesis (This Child theme works with Thesis 1.8)
  • Copy Files in /custom folder to your custom folder in "thesis_xx"
  • In Thesis > Manage Options. Upload "thesis-design-options-xxxxxxx.dat" file as Design Options.
  • Modify files in custom/images to change logo, etc.

##Misc Please note that src/* and config.rb are compass (SASS) source files. I've included them in repo so those who know SASS can modify it. And others can use them to learn a thing or two.

More about SASS: http://sass-lang.com/ Compass: http://compass-style.org/


  • You can use it for your commercial, non-commercial websites as long as you keep the attribut intact.

  • Attribute should be visible on all pages .

  • You cannot sell the child theme.

  • You can modify the theme, but cannot remove attribution.

  • You can redistribute your modificaiton but not sell it.

Note: Thesis Theme is trademark and copyright of DIY Themes and Chirs Pearson.