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Find influencers on social media. (Built with YouTube API, React, Styled Components)
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Witness Me

Witness Me is an application for marketers to find influencers on YouTube. Users can find the top influencers by category such as the top YouTube channels for technology or fashion. Relevant information such as subscriber count, total video views, and recent videos are displayed in an easy to digest format. Landing


Search by Category

If a user does not know what to search for, they can browse top influencers for different categories. Categories

Detailed YouTube Influencer Page

Users can find relevant information about any influencer on this page. The information on this page allows the user to make a decision on whether or not the youtube influencer is right one for marketing goals. Detailed Page

Search by Keywords

Witness me supports searching for channels by keywords. Search


  • React
  • Styled Components
  • YouTube API
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