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I gained inspiration for this project from a problem of mine: too many Youtube bookmarks of my favorite songs were on my computer, yet there was no way to play them all efficiently; so, my solution was to make my own playlist to enjoy hundreds of hours of music (turns out I had ~1877 bookmarks, wow). This program utilizes JavaScript and HTML forms to create a chrome extension, accessing a user's bookmarks on the current computer. These bookmarks are then stored, a 465x475 chrome window is opened, and the songs begin to be looped; it's as easy as that. Future features may include access to the Spotify API in order to sync a user's Spotify songs and their Youtube bookmarks.

This project is open source, so feel free to contribute.

TODO (nice to have)

  • Hook up to Spotify API
  • Separate out songs by types/genres and mood for the user
  • Machine. Learning. ;)