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Deprecated due to the effort to maintain. Use iframe components and don't include in PLP
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An Adapt component that acts as a listener to H5P content and messages Adapt when the completion criteria has been met. Uses Window.postMessage().

Documentation on how to use available here.

Warning - this plugin has ceased development and has been deprecated internally. This was due to the amount of effort required to maintain it to work with just a limited amount of plugins. We just use h5p in an iframe and remove it from the Page Level Progress extension.


_setCompletionOn: complete requires the learner to reach the end of the content. started requires the learner to only interact with the content to complete.

The rest of the attributes have been inherited from Learning Pool's responsive iframe.

Supported H5P content types

H5P content types are required to be modified to send messages to Adapt. Currently supported content types are:

Note as these are independent versions of each content type they may not have the most up to date features. If you wish for a content type to be update or if you wish for another to be converted to work with H5P please email


This component has only been tested with H5P hosted on Drupal. Further testing required to ensure it works with other CMS platforms.

Ensure that your CMS has cross origin resource sharing enabled or you will have to host your Adapt courses on the same domain.

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