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Python Purify


pip install python_purify


python install



from python_purify import WordPurify
from python_purify import ImagePurify
purify = WordPurify(my_api_key)
imgpurify = ImagePurify(my_img_api_key)
vidpurify = VideoPurify(my_img_api_key)

The Web Purify default response type is XML, but JSON is normally better to work with. We made JSON the standard format for our package, but you can set it to XML with the rspformat variable:

purify = WordPurify(my_api_key, rspformat='xml')

This will return a cElementTree object. If you want to use a better package like beautiful soup, you can return the tree back to text with the following:

from xml.etree import cElementTree as ET
out = purify.check('Some nice words')
xml_string = ET.tostring(out)
# Some other XML parser can load the data now.

Initialization options

  • live - Default: True. If false, uses the webpurify sandbox
  • rspformat - Default: 'json'. Can be set to 'json' or 'xml'
  • verbose - Default: False. If true, prints the WebPurify url before making a request.

WordPurify Methods

Once setup if finished, you can simply call each method:

out = purify.check('Some nice words')
print out
# {u'rsp': {u'@attributes': {u'stat': u'ok'}, u'found': u'0', u'api_key': u'*********', u'method':  u'', u'format': u'rest'}}

The following WordPurify methods are included:


you should be able to set most of the options in the function call except for format. Format is determined at WordPurify creation. In this example, rsp=1 will give us the response time and slink=1 will tell WebPurify to flag urls:

purify.check('Some nice words', rsp=1, slink=1)

ImagePurify Methods

Just like with WordPurify, once setup, you can call the ImagePurify Methods.

out = imgpurify.img_account()

The following ImagePurify methods are included:


VideoPurify works in much the same way as ImagePurify.

out = vidpurify.vid_account()

The following ImagePurify methods are included:


We have written some basic tests for python 2.7. There have been no testing for python 3