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Founder Terrence Gareau


Zane Witherspoon Achilleas Moustakis Krassimir T. Tzvetanov Javier Prats

Project Sponsors A10 Nexusguard

Requirements Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

According to the diagram, it takes at least 3 machines to build the honeynet: the rabbitMQ data broker, the logstash/elasticsearch servers, and finally the honeypot itself

Given that they all need the IP for the rabbitMQ to set up elasticsearch configurations, let's start with the rabbitMQ server.


On a ubuntu 14.04 machine, run It's recommended that you change USERNAME and PASSWORD to your appropriate credentials You should also change USERNAME-CTL and PASSWORD_CTL to your web client login credentials The web client is at RABBIT-IP:15672 For the rest of the configurations, life will be much easier if the IP for rabbitMQ is static.


Change the USERNAME and PASSWORD to match the ones in the rabbitMQ server. Change RABBITMQ-IP to the internal IP for the rabbitMQ server.


The is the recommended script to set up the honeypot. Change the USERNAME and PASSWORD to the same credentials as before Change RABBIT-IP to the rabbitMQ internal IP

index template

You can define custom mappings for the indexes created by logstash. Run on the elasticsearch/logstash server to set a custom mapping for the data parsed by logstash in all future auto-created indexes that start with logstash-*