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This library implements a impress.js back-end for Org generic exporter based on ox-html.el. is a demo page.

I appreciate for their great works.

This has been tested on Org-mode version 8.3beta(commit cff54cd) and GNU Emacs 24.4.

If you want to use this on Org 8.2.10, please checkout tagged version (tagged with org-8.2.10).


  1. First of all, make sure your Org-mode version. This library has been tested on 8.3beta.
    M-x org-version
  2. Get org-impress-js.el. For example,
    git clone \
  3. Add load-path in your init.el and restart the emacs.
    (add-to-list 'load-path "~/org-impress-js.el")
    (require 'ox-impress-js)


  1. Open in your emacs.
  2. To export to impress.js HTML file, type C-c C-e.
  3. *Org Export Dispatcher* buffer will open. Hit J key 2 times, then README.html will be exported.
  4. Open exported file in your web browser.


Following special properties are available in each slide.

  • data-x, data-y, data-z

    X, Y and Z position of the slide.

  • data-rotate-x, data-rotate-y, data-rotate-z

    Define the rotation of the slide around given axis in degrees.

  • trans-x, trans-y, trans-z

    Translate the slide to each axis.

  • rotate-x, rotate-y, rotate-z

    Rotate the slide to each axis in degrees.


Following special export options are available.


    A URL or filepath to impress.js.


    A URL or filepath to impress.js’s CSS file.


    Properties for title slide. The properties described above are available.


    Properties for TOC slide. The properties described above are available.


Following properties does not work in nested headlines. Because ox.el processes Org file by the depth-first.

  • trans-x, trans-y, trans-z
  • rotate-x, rotate-y, rotate-z, rotate


Licensed under the GPLv3 license.