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Rust library for creating a commit testament at compile time
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Git Testament

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git-testament is a library to embed a testament as to the state of a git working tree during the build of a Rust program. It uses the power of procedural macros to embed commit, tag, and working-tree-state information into your program when it is built. This can then be used to report version information.

use git_testament::{git_testament, render_testament};


fn main() {
    println!("My version information: {}", render_testament!(TESTAMENT));

Reproducible builds

In the case that your build is not being done from a Git repository, you still want your testament to be useful to your users. Reproducibility of the binary is critical in that case. The Reproducible Builds team have defined a mechanism for this known as SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH which is an environment variable which can be set to ensure the build date is fixed for reproducibilty reasons. If you have no repo (or a repo but no commit) then git_testament!() will use the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable (if present and parseable as a number of seconds since the UNIX epoch) to override now.

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