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The official repository contains documentation and examples explaining how to use the KINOVA® KORTEX™ API client with C++ or Python:

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Note that this repository is licenced under the BSD 3-Clause "Revised" License: LICENSE File

Role of Google Proto Buffer in Kortex API

The Kortex API uses Google Proto Buffer message objects1 to exchange data between client and server.

Google Proto Buffer offers structured data objects with standard methods for each member field:

  • structured, nested objects
  • basic types and collections
  • getters/setters have methods on basic types
  • iterators, dimension and appending methods on collections
  • many helpers (e.g. serialize/deserialize, I/O functions)

When using the Kortex API a developer will need to understand the Google Proto Buffer feature set to maximize their efficiency.

Quick Start for Python users

To run the Python examples you will need to install the Python interpreter and the pip installation module.
Note that for C++ developers it could be useful to install the Python Kortex API, to allow for quick tests and validations.

Here is some general information about the Python interpreter and the pip module manager.
Python General Information

API download links

Download the archive via Kinova Google Drive: kortex_api
More details are in: Language-specific details

Language-specific details

Python API


Useful Links

Kinova home page:
Google Protobuf home page: