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NZ OSM server
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NZ OpenStreetMap Server

This project contains the automated scripts to set up a OSM server for New Zealand.


The data being used comes from GeoFabrik, and is loaded periodically in the server, using a PostgreSQL database.

infra/roles/osm/tasks/main.yml contains the URL of the dataset, in case you would like to try different datasets.


The infrastructure is comprised of:

  • a Postgres database
  • PostGIS extension loaded in Postgres
  • mapserver
  • imposm
  • nginx

This project includes an Ansible playbook with automated instructions to set up the environment. The playbook works for Vagrant, but it can also be used locally or to set up a server via SSH.

In order to install the infrastructure you will need:

  • Vagrant (and VMWare or VirtualBox), or Docker, a Linux computer or SSH access to a server
  • Ansible

Testing with QGIS

If you are running the Vagrant box, create a new WMS server, with any name, and with the following URL: You can replace the IP address by the one of your real server too.

Testing with OpenLayers


Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt.

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