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+TestLink Java API
+Project homepage:
+TestLink Java API is a Java API that interfaces TestLink XML-RPC API. This API lets you call TestLink internal methods such as createTestProject, uploadAttachment, getTestProjectByName among others.
+Our aim with this project is always release one version of this API after a new version of TestLink has been released. So if, for instance, TestLink releases version 2.0, we will release testlink-java-api-2.0.
+One fact to keep in mind is that TestLink Java API can't assure you Backward Compabitility among its versions. It occurs because TestLink XML-RPC API is constantly changing. Even some methods are renamed. So trying to keep Backward Compatibility would be really cumbersome.
+Another important thing is that behind the scenes we are using xml-rpc to communicate with TestLink. However you won't see any xml or even a Map/HashMap when using TestLink Java API (ok, maybe in only one method :-).
+If you call the method getTestPlanPlatforms it will return an array of Platform (an object in TestLink Java API). This way you won't need handle Maps :-) And in case of any error, the message will come to you in a nice TestLinkAPIException. This is the basic concepts to get the gist of the TestLink Java API.

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