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Template of a PCB business card released under Creative Commons 4.0
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Creative Commons License
PCB Card by Scott Atkins is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting

This is a template to work from. Fork this project and make it your own.


Here's a rendering of the template:

Personal Card *B

The other side is completely blank.

Here's the rendering of my latest card:

Personal Card *B

Personal Card *B


QR Codes

You may want to use for generating QR codes. There is more flexibility in the dot style and it is easy to put in a logo in the middle of the QR code.

Please Note: QR codes require a light background and dark dots. If using a white silk screen be sure to invert the QR code and leave a border around it.

PCB Manufacturing

This template is already setup for JLCPCB. Silk screen text must be at least 6 mils thick and solder mask can be much smaller. Additionally I found JLCPCB had the best price for 0.4 mm thick boards with ENIG processing. If you use another thickness (0.6 mm for example) make sure you use ENIG or HASL Lead Free processing. ENIG looks the best. Finally JLCPCB allows you to specify where the tracking number goes on your board. That is part of this template. If you use another board house, they may put the ID number somewhere undesirable.

Finishing Touches

This is a panel to give you the most value per board. You will have to duplicate your changes on both sides to each board. Also, when you get your boards you will need to break them apart yourself. This is fairly easy with thin boards. Just lay them flat against the edge of a table, half hanging over the edge and press down to snap at the tabs. Use needle nose plyers to clean up tabs that didn't break off one side or the other. Finally, use a wire and the hole to align the cards, wear a mask and sand down the edge until it is nice and smooth. You can snap 25 cards at once and sand 50 from my own experiences. YMMV.

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