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RPGMaker MV Game Engine

This is a set of updates based on RPGMaker MV 1.6.2 to use PixiJS 5.3.3


  • Faster rendering
  • Case insensitive file loading to better support Linux/Android without having to change your scripts
  • With NW.js v0.45.6 plays webm (VP8/VP9) files properly
  • Filter change for Pixi-Picture to get it to run properly (Issue submitted waiting for a real fix)
  • Added more keys in the keymap for easier use in scripts
  • Fixes to documentation, spelling, and javascript syntax
  • Added jshint information

Known Issues

  • ShaderTilemap is not working properly falling back on Tilemap
    • Doesn't seem to be affecting performance
  • Plugins the load files directly or override the functions which load from disk may fail in case sensitive environments
    • Wrap the file path with CS_URL.MapURL() to ensure it resolves to the correct case sensitive name
  • Overrides or calls to refereshVehicles will fail
    • Use refreshVehicles instead
  • Overrides or calls to updateButtonsVisiblity will fail
    • Use updateButtonsVisibility instead

Further Work

  • Cleanup of Javascript (using let/const)
  • Add updates to plugins
  • Investigate if garbage collection needs to run (possibly do this during scene changes)
  • Check for any memory leaks
  • Submit issue against Pixi-Tilemap for the rendering issue
  • Submit issue against NW.js for performance issues starting with v0.46
  • Bring in proper filter fix for Pixi-Picture when it is released


  • PixiJS is covered by the MIT License
  • Typescript and other libraries, see the file headers
  • My Modifications: MIT License


Taking the core of RPGMaker MV and updating it for PixiJS v5.3.3




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