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A collection of various tweaks which by themselves are to simple for their own designated mods

The Game version(s) specific releases are compatible with are mentioned in the Release title. If you need the plugin for an older version - Grab an older release that fits 🤯


Click on releases, download the dll from the latest release and place it in your plugins folder.

Currently implemented tweaks

Everything is off by default, you need to manually enable whatever you want in the Settings of Tweaks55 (Accessible from the "Mod Buttons")


  • Bomb Color: Changes the color of bombs...
  • Wall Outline Color*: Changes outline color of walls. *: If you have Bloom off in the game settings, this only properly works if you also have 'Disable Fake Wall Bloom' in the Graphics Tab
  • Disable Debris: Disables Debris
  • Make Walls Transparent: Makes walls fully transparent forsenCD
  • Disable Slice Score: Disables the Score display you get per cut (115 etc)

Effects / Particles

  • Disable Cut Particles: Disables the particles that spawn from cutting blocks
  • Disable Bomb Explosion: Disables the Explosion effect / Particles when you touch a bomb
  • Disable World Particles / Dust: Disables the world particles / dust floating around
  • Disable Combo break effect: Disables the two FC lines on the combo counter 'exploding' when you lose your FC
  • Disable Wall Clash: Disables wall rumble and the accompanying particles when touching walls with your saber
  • Disable Saber Clash: Disables all effects / rumble from touching sabers together
  • Disable Floor Burn Marks: Disables the 'Trails' your sabers leave when they move through the floor
  • Disable Campaign Goal Fireworks: Disables the Fireworks effect that happens when you meet a campaign map requirement

Quality of Life

  • Skip Health warning: Disables the health warning you get on every game start
  • Dont Reset Basegame settings on Cancel: Some of the settings (Like Controller and Roomadjust) can be changed without actually applying them (Clicking OK). Enabling this allows you to simply click Cancel after changing them so you dont need to wait for the game to reload
  • Joystick Scroll speed multiplier: Allows you to increase the maximum speed that you can scroll lists at with your joystick


  • Disable 'Fake' Wall Bloom: Disables the 'Fake' bloom that is applied to walls when you disable Post-Processing bloom in the game settings so you get true 'No Bloom' (Also resolves 'Broken' walls on Noodle maps).
  • Disable Beat lines: Disables the extremely bright lines which show up on the floor in columns where notes spawn
  • Disable Camera Noise / Dither: Beat Saber applies random noise / dithering to make banding of color gradients less obvious. This can cause some visual Artifacts and decrease streaming / recording quality.


  • Add Static lights toggle back: Reverts the two seperate select boxes back to one simple toggle
  • Hide / Disable 'Raw Score' number: Hides the 'Raw' amount of Score in the Score Display, keeping only Rank and 'Accuracy' (E.g. 95%)
  • Menu lighting color: Changes the color of the menu lighting


  • Enable Rumble Overrides: Enables / Disables the overrides
  • Normal Cut Rumble: Haptic feedback strength for normal cuts
  • Chain Element Cut Rumble: Haptic feedback strength for chain elements
  • Arcs/Guides Rumble: Haptic feedback strength while in Arcs


A collection of various tweaks which by themselves are too simple for their own designated mods







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