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3D Scanning demo,using OpenCV
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3D Scanning Android/Ubuntu platform desktop application


The general solution for 3D laser scanning.It provides a demo how to build a point cloud.

This project is in order to learn OpenCV and C++ usage.and add OpenGL soon.

1. environment

1.1 software

  • Operating system: Ubuntu14.04.5
  • C/C++: default,maybe need to support c++11
  • OpenCV: 3.0
  • OpenGL: coming soon
  • Meshlab: scan the model,after generate

1.2 hardware

  • Line laser: general,about $150RMB
  • Rotating: default
  • Phone: default

2. Build

  • $:cd src
  • $:make
  • model.ply:meshlab meshlab

3. Priciple

4. Source code Architecture

coming soon

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