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cgnet uses eBPF to gather network statistics from cgroups.

$ make

# to test the cli tool
$ ./cgnet top <path to cgroup>

# to run the exporter outside of k8s
$ ./cgnet export --kubeconfig <path to kubeconfig>

# to run the exporter as a DaemonSet in the cluster
$ kubectl apply -f manifests/deploy/all-in-one.yaml

cgnet top

Uses the BPF program to monitor the cgroup specified on the command line.

cgnet export

Interacts with the Kubernetes API to retrieve a list of running pods and installs the BPF program for their cgroups. It then exports the data for Prometheus.

We provide the following to deploy and test the exporter:

  • Dockerfile - builds a simple minimal container running cgnet export
  • manifests/deploy - has Kubernetes manifests to run the container with the exporter
  • manifests/example - has configuration files to set up a cluster for testing the exporter


This repository experiments with Daniel Mack's eBPF hooks for cgroups.

  • Linux v4.10-rc


We use dep.