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Demo: traffic control on a RTSP server in a rkt pod

This demo simulates varying network issues with Linux traffic control between a RTP/RTSP media server running in the rkt container runtime and a video player.

Install software

  • Install rkt 1.5.0
  • Install acbuild 0.2.2
  • Make sure you can load the kernel module sch_netem. In Fedora, install kernel-modules-extra.

Build the RTSP container image

$ sudo ./
$ ls -lh rtp-demo-latest-linux-amd64.aci
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 30M Feb  7 17:44 rtp-demo-latest-linux-amd64.aci

Start the rkt pod

Download ED_1024.avi from the Elephants Dream website in ~/Videos/.

Start the rkt pod:

$ ./

The directory ~/Videos/ will be available as /opt/ in the pod. But vlc requires more configuration to use the correct file:

$ sudo nsenter -t $(pidof vlc) -n telnet 4212
Password: videolan

new MyVideo vod enabled
setup MyVideo input "file:///opt/ED_1024.avi"

Start the video player

$ vlc rtsp://

Start the network emulator GUI

$ ./

Screenshot of the traffic-control-rkt demo