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This project was built in python and kivy and uses openweathermap api for weather reports, I made it when I was learning Kivy. You are free to use it redistribute it or sell it. If it helps you in some way then do shoot me an email or star this repo. and that would make my day.

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Uses and Features

Swipe left or right to view weather forecast. Search for new places, tap on them to view forecast for that region. Use Navigation bar to change theme or to change areas. Play Game or use calendar and navigate using gestures. Change theme. This application will remember all your choices like your theme and last search. Features

Gesture Recognition: Draw these Symbols/characters.

  • 'S' move to Settings area.
  • 'C' move to Calendar area.
  • 'W' move to Weather area.
  • 'P' move to game area.
  • '|' draw a line from top to bottom to refresh the application and get updated forecast.

MordenMenu: Give a long press on the screen to open up a wheel shaped menu with multiple options and navigate where ever you want. You can also change the Theme of the application using this Menubar. Click on center of the menu to go back.

Navigation Bar: Use Navigation bar to change theme or to navigate to different areas.

Calendar: Calendar which consists year from 0000 to 9999 and simple to use UI.

Game: There is a small Ping Pong game just for fun.


Kuldeep Singh, LNMIIT Jaipur, India

Latest commit adds some new features.

Want to contribute or need to see some improvements?

I would love that, please create an issue or send a PR.