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Unofficial DuckDuckGo app built in React Native

Note: This is not the official DuckDuckGo App but a Fan-made. I made it only for Learning purpose.

Find it on Expo:

How to run via expo?

Use the expo-branch branch to run the application using expo, please do the following:

npm install exp --global
git clone
cd duckduckgo
git checkout expo-branch
npm install

Method: 1

exp start
scan the QR-code and test it on real device

Method: 2

Open the expo app on your device and open the project

How to run without expo?

Please do the following to run.

git clone
cd duckduckgo && npm install

then run react-native run-ios or react-native run-android

Does search work?

The app is using a sample data which is in src/constants/data.json

You can use DuckDuckGo's API or any other API api by updating the SearchList component from here componentWillMount when onSubmitEditingSearch gets called.

Showing the search results wasn't the main goal but the UI when building the app. But sure PR is welcome. :)



Blogs and Gists

Some of the gists which I wrote when I was building the application.

Want to contribute or need to see some improvements?

I would love that, please create an issue or send a PR.